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Artist Biography: Los Tremendos Gavilanes de Juan y Salomón
agurza | Thursday, May 18 | 0 comments

Los Tremendos Gavilanes, the duo of Salomón Prado and Juan Torres, was founded in 1962 at the dawn of the modern age of norteño music. In the 1960s and ’70s, they achieved enormous popularity on both sides of the border and had many imitators, some of whom even usurped their name to try to ride on their coattails. But none could duplicate the magic of these two uniquely compatible musicians and their appealing vocal harmonies.  

“The Tremendous Sparrowhawks” became irresistible to listeners who saw them live, heard them on the radio, and played their records at home.  Both musicians hailed from the northwest border state of Nuevo Leon. By the time they joined forces in 1962, Prado, the elder of the two, had already made a name for himself as part of his family band, Los Hermanos Prado. Torres, though not as famous as his partner, brought formal musical training to the duo, which recorded more than 100 albums in its long career.  

(To read the complete artist biography, click here)

- Agustín Gurza


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