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Muy Despacito - Jose Salas | Frontera Project

Muy Despacito
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Label El Zarape
Catalog Number EZLP-1004
Recording Format 33
Performer Jose Salas
Performer Listed on Media Jose Salas
Recording Format 33
Side: A
Subject love, reflection, lament, declaration
Track Number 3
Album title Bailando En Tejas
Label El Zarape
Country USA
Catalog Number EZLP-1004
Location of Label:
P. O. Box 8921 Dallas 16, Texas
Staff Notes: Recording Engineer: Bob Sanders. Design: Pete Enriquez.
Transfer Date: Friday, March 27, 2015
Donated By: Chris Strachwitz

Staff Notes

Recording Engineer: Bob Sanders. Design: Pete Enriquez.

Notes & History

Credits for "Muy Despacito"

by agurza, 12/12/2016 - 00:14


Thanks for catching the discrepancy in the credits for these two songs from the album. You are correct, the performers should be identified as Jose Salas along with Shorty and The Corvettes. On the back cover of the album, the performers are credited as simply "Joel - Shorty." Next to the song list, however, there is a more complete identification of the acts on this album, and this is where The Corvettes are mentioned. (You can see the back cover by clicking on the cover image, then scrolling to the second of four images in the set.)

Oddly, Paula Estrada is not mentioned in the short artist bio on the cover, and neither is Shorty's surname. But I trust you have identified them correctly. If you click through to the fourth image, you can see the LP label for Side 2, where "Paula and Shorty" are listed, at last, as performers under the song you mention, "Gritenme Piedras del Campo."

We are reviewing the database to help fix these errors, and we very much appreciate the input from knowledgeable music lovers like yourself. Part of the problem, as you can see, is the misleading or incomplete information provided by the record companies on the records themselves.

Thanks again, Frank, for your input. 



Muy Despacito

by Frank Diaz (not verified), 11/15/2016 - 06:40

This song was sung by Shorty & Paula Estrada with the Corvettes. Not Jose Salas. Same thing with Gritenme Piedras Del Campo of the same album.

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