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Trio Del Puerto

Trio Del Puerto

Notes & History

Re: Trio del Puerto

by Agustin Gurza, 08/27/2021 - 00:10

Hi Trino:

First, thanks for introducing me to this excellent trio, which I discovered had some excellent members over the years. We have about a dozen tracks by the group in our collection. However, I regret we don't have any other material about them. I'm intrigued now, and I'll look into their career and see what I can find. 

I'm sorry to hear you lost your dad so terribly young. I can understand his music must mean a lot to you. Was he in the trio along with the late Gustavo Lopez, who later performed with Los Tres Ases? By the way, are you also a musician? I ran across an article on the web about the Bay Area group Sapo whose piano player had your same name, and I can't imagine there are too many of you.   

Thanks for getting in touch. If you happen to find any more information about your dad or the trio, please get in touch with me again. We'll see if we can put together a bio for their page. 


Agustín Gurza, Editor, The Frontera Collection









Trio del Puerto

by Trino Ramirez (not verified), 01/18/2021 - 08:36

My father, Trino Ramirez, was a member of the Trío del Puerto. He drowned in 1955 the year I was born. I'm looking for albums and photos of the trio.

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