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Alicia Rivera

Alicia Rivera

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Incorrect Picture on album Débil Mariposa by Alicia Rivera

de Alicia Class (not verified), 09/19/2019 - 20:20

Hello. First of all, what a wonderful collection! I'm so impressed! Thank you for this! I am the daughter of the late Alicia Rivera. She recorded three albums with Discos Corona, to my knowledge. Her true pictures are on two other albums titled: "Gracias por Escucharme" and "Mis Canciones de Amor," with Discos Corona.

Unfortunately, there was a terrible mix-up with the images at that time. Sadly, I do not know who the artist is on the cover of "Débil Mariposa." The voice, music, and lyrics, however, are indeed by Alicia Rivera.

On another quick note, my mother, Alicia Rivera, was not of Mexican, but rather of Puerto Rican origin. She was born in New York of Puerto Rican parents. It's understandable, nevertheless, why she was assumed to be Mexican or of Mexican origin since she recorded in Los Angeles.
Today would have been her birthday: September 19th.


Alicia Class, Ph.D.
Professor of Spanish, French, and ESL
El Camino College
Torrance, CA 90506

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