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Que Culpa Tengo - Roberto Mata

Que Culpa Tengo
Canción Completa
Source file not available
Audio excerpt
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Sello El Pato
Numero de Catalogo EP-145+
Formato de grabación 45
Género Ranchera
Artista Roberto Mata
Artista aparece en los medios de comunicación Roberto Mata
Formato de grabación 45
Tema love, complaint, drinking, abandonment, despair
Sello El Pato
País USA
Numero de Catalogo EP-145+
Género Ranchera
Location of Label:
P. O. Box 45 McAllen, Texas
Donated By: Chris Strachwitz

Notes & History

Regarding Date of This Record?

de Agustin Gurza, 07/08/2021 - 16:02


I read the handwritten date as 1969, but that is not necessarily the release date. Sometimes, the owner of a record would write in the date it was purchased or acquired. So significance of the date is not really clear. 

And yes, the B-side as you note is "Llegue Llorando." Sorry that flip sides are not easy to find in our system. You've got to backtrack and find the recording by catalog number, which should then show you both sides. 

Thanks again for your interest.

Agustín Gurza, Editor, The Frontera Collection

Date of this record?

de Ernesto Duenas (not verified), 07/18/2020 - 15:23

Does the handwriting say 1964 or 1969? Also, what is the B-side to this? Is it "Llegue Llorando?"

My Uncle Played Bass

de Ernesto Duenas (not verified), 07/14/2019 - 14:59

My uncle, Geronimo Garcia, played bass on this track. I recently transferred it to my computer!

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