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El Costeño - Cuarteto Las Cuerdas De Marin, N.L.

El Costeño

Same Tittle and Selections Discos Vencedor LPV 003.

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Catalog Number DDLP-1027
Recording Format 33
Genre Fox Trot
Subjects instrumental, strings
Performer Listed on Media Cuarteto Las Cuerdas De Marin N. L.
Recording Format 33
Side: B
Subject instrumental, strings
Track Number 1
Record Producer
Album title Musica De Siempre
Country USA
Catalog Number DDLP-1027
Genre Fox Trot
Staff Notes: Same Tittle and Selections Discos Vencedor LPV 003.
Donated By: Chris Strachwitz

Notes & History


by Agustin Gurza, 04/22/2020 - 16:56


The acronym D.A.R. stands for the Spanish term "Derechos de Autor Reservados."  It is a copyright designation that protects the royalty rights of the composer. It is also sometimes listed as D.R., for Derechos Reservados. Those edesignations are sometimes used when the composer or publisher of the song are not immediatley known, but rights are rserved while a publisher is located. If a song is no longer under copyright protection, because the copyright has expired, labels often use the designation P.D., which stands for Public Domain. 

Thanks for your question, and your interest in our collection. 

Agustín Gurza, Editor, The Frontera Collection. 




What does D.A.R. stand for?

by Matthew Juarez (not verified), 04/15/2020 - 06:12

My name is Matthew Juarez and I have a question regarding the credits for record producer named "D.A.R.". I have a large collection of the records posted on this website and this acronym (D.A.R.) is a very common credit for "written by." Do you know what this acronym means or is it the initials for a person?
Thanks in advance!
Matthew Juarez
Houston, Texas

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