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Guerreros Del Sol - Huehuecuicatl

Guerreros Del Sol

lado B: “Concierto en Francia” (Festival De Lille ‘86, fragmento)

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Label ECL
Catalog Number Ecl-03
Recording Format Cassette
Performer Huehuecuicatl
Performer Listed on Media Huehuecuicatl
Recording Format Cassette
Side: B
Subject instrumental, horns, woodwind, percussion
Track Number 1
Record Producer
Cesar Herrada
Album title Huehuecuicatl, Canto Antiguo: Musica Con Instrumentos Prehispanicos
Label ECL
Country Mexico
Catalog Number Ecl-03
Location of Label:
Cipres 1694 Co. Del Fresno 44900 Guadalajara, Jal.
Staff Notes: lado B: “Concierto en Francia” (Festival De Lille ‘86, fragmento)
Donated By: Chris Strachwitz

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